Code of Conduct


Players Code of Conduct

All participants must agree to, and abide by the following rules whilst taking part in any football sessions or trips organised by Upper Annandale Youth Football Club.

: All players must have appropriate kit including correct footwear and shin guards.

: Long hair has to be tied back at all times

: No jewellery to be worn

: All players must bring a drink



: Players must always listen when the coach is talking

: If behaviour is deemed not acceptable ‘time outs’ will be used within the sessions

: A yellow and red card system will be used (a red card will lead to the participant missing the next session.)

: No unsuitable language


Parents & Coaches Code of Conduct

Praise your child / the participant’s efforts whether they win or lose.

Applaud and encourage all good play by all players.

Be on your best behaviour, children learn best by following a good example.

Show your appreciation to all officials, coaches and helpers.

Thank officials and opponents after competition.

Upcoming Events

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