Benefits of Membership

Moffat Community Sport Hub is led by a steering group which will manage the development of the hub. The steering group is a partnership between all the key stakeholders in the sporting community, for example the sports clubs, Moffat schools and facilities, the School and Community Sport Officers from D&G Council and other interested volunteers.

The steering group consults with individuals and groups to establish the recreational needs of the community. This information then informs the plan that the steering group works towards.

The types of things the community sport hub partnership will be able to do will depend on the needs of the community, however they are likely to include:

  • A more coordinated approach to the use of local facilities including schools
  • Training for volunteers based on local need
  • Joint promotion of local clubs and activities through new websites and newsletters
  • Opportunities for clubs to become more involved in Active Schools and Community Sport initiatives
  • Development of sports facilities

Moffat Community Sport Hub will have the opportunity to become a constituted group which can represent the sporting needs of the community more effectively. The long term vision will have club sport at the heart of local decision making.

One of the main projects for the bowling, tennis and football clubs is the development of the clubhouse and improvement of the tennis court surface at Beechgrove.

Where clubs have joint aspirations the community sport hub programme is the ideal place to develop them.


Upcoming Events

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